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Courses that awake, heal & ascend.


"When the student is ready,

a teacher will appear."


The Nordic Soulstice is a 4-week free email course that dives into tradition, ceremony & ritual practised in the Nordics during winter. Heal through your symbolic winters with these transformative emails that offer unique practical, emotional & spiritual tools for your healing & creative journey.

Mountains and Sun


This is a free, 10-day video series of poetic meditations that will help you consciously and tenderly fall apart during these times. Every leaf has to be shaken from the tree before it can truly be reborn again - so too must we let go fully in order to return to our natural state. Begin that restorative journey back to yourself through these short videos.


It can be hard to live a deeper, more meaningful and awake life when we live in a sometimes very superficial world. What we are able to cultivate and nurture from within, we often seek in the external world to make us feel whole, healed, and truly alive. Surface to Soul is a self-empowerment course for all those wishing to connect to the deeper layers of life that give enable us with more choice, more freedom, and profound healing when we find ourselves caught adrift.