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Ancient tradition, ceremony & ritual for life's symbolic winters.


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WHAT: A 4-week email course delivered straight to your inbox. Once a week, you will receive an email with:

  • an audio welcome message from Sez

  • a written symbolic winter story from the Nordic regions

  • a practice, ceremony or ritual for you to work with at home over a 1-week period

  • prompt questions for you to answer over the week

  • inspirational meditations, podcasts and books to deepen your practice with

  • personal Q&A with Sez

This is a self-regulated course that you can do on your own, with a book club or with friends.

Week One: Listening to our bodies & environment with Sámi Shamanism

Week Two: Learning the art of being shaped by our landscape with Norwegian ancestor worship

Week Three: Learning how to feed the soul & create beauty from hardship with the Icelanders

Week Four: Learning how to come back to our bones with Danish minimalism & initiation

FOR WHO: This course is especially suited to those who are going through both a symbolic winter (emotional difficulties, anxiety, depression, the dark night of the soul) as well as the seasonal one. It is effective for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or struggle with the dark cold winters in the Northern Hemisphere. This course is perfect for highly sensitive souls and empaths wishing to connect in a deeper way to a practice that holds space for emotional healing and embodied restoration.


WHEN: An audio welcome email will be sent straight away and then you will receive the course 1 hour later.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: You will learn a little about the ancient winter traditions, stories and rituals from the Nordic region, including practices from the Sámi, Norway, Denmark & Iceland. You will also learn how to integrate ancient traditions and practices into your everyday life and go on a journey into the symbolic winter we all inevitably face in our lives. You will come out of this course with tools that connect you deeply to your life, your environment and your innate healing power.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Every week I will invite you to take part in a different practice. All you need is around one hour per week to participate in this course (10 minutes to read the course email / 15 minutes to do the practice / 15 minutes to do the prompts / 20 minutes self-reflection or meditation.) This course is suited for all experiences and for both men and women living in all locations. You can do the practices alone and in your own time or with virtual friends and on a shared schedule!


COST: Free.

SIGN UP: Fill out your name and email address above and you will receive your first email straight away.


4-week free email course

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