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We do not tell the stories we live but live the stories we tell ourselves.



Hello, dear friend. My name is Sez. I was born and raised in Southern Africa but have a deep connection to my Nordic heritage. I spent most of my life in the Southern Hemisphere until I met a Dane and found myself living on the very ground so many of my foremothers and fathers lived. I have lived nomadically for most of my life and believe travel is a way of connecting to the unspoken Oneness of this world but I too, have a heart full of unrequited longing for remedies that this world cannot offer alone. That is why my writing contains remnants of mythology & is poetic because they offer us language that we used to speak to our souls. I believe we are both fully human and fully Divine and the most harmonious way to live this truth is through the non-dual teachings that ask us to enquire into the nature of who we are.

I am a poet, a mother of two young Vikings, and usually live in Denmark. Right now, I am in New South Wales, Australia spending a few years deepening my connection with the earth, my bare feet, and taking a break from the dark and cold winters of Scandinavia. My first poetry book, Healing HER is my story about how I took control of my life after years of self-neglect and addictions. I hope I can offer you a conduit to begin your own journey and my greatest wish is for you to turn away from the advice that we are so often given: that what you need to be yourself lies outside of you.
The follow-up to this book was written after going through a crisis (aka 'dark night of the soul') where complex trauma surfaced and caused an old coping mechanism to take hold of my bodymind, leaving me with a debilitating disorder called depersonalization. This achingly dissociative period was, in fact, my initiation into non-dual teachings (ironically) as the concept of a 'separate self' had been so severely fractured. Through bodywork, somatic experiencing, grounding, and embodying parts of myself I had avoided for most of my life, I not only managed to love myself through that year, but I walked away from a lifelong story of separation that caused has caused so much suffering in my life - and the generations who suffered with the same disorder before me.

Through crisis, I realized no spiritual knowledge I had accumulated over many years could help me, and so I finally turned towards the last place I wanted to look - me - and who I thought I was. Investigating the nature of who was in crisis has helped me shift from a sense of self rooted in the ego, to one firmly placed in be-ing. This has changed my life profoundly and healed me in ways I may never have been able to, had I not 'found' myself...which really means, had I not remembered who I have always been.  

Nature is my religion and my doorway back into my self-less nature. I translate what I hear, feel, and see in the hopes that others can nurture their own relationship with the wisdom that resides in every tree, rock, body of water, and natural being on this planet. Oneness has come to feel remarkably like Animism, and I believe they blend in a unique way, offering us a path to living our most wild and precious life.

archetype, symbolism, mythology



"As a child, I tried to interpret the extraordinary dreams I experienced.
But I quickly found out there was no ethereal dictionary that would correctly articulate these profound experiences. That's when I discovered symbolic language; an anthology of the Heart - and it finally allowed me to make sense of my world." 

I’ll tell you right now, the doors to the world of the wild self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door; if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much that you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Creative writing is how I repurpose my pain into a more nourishing narrative. It has taken years to come into space where I can be with myself without wanting to be any different. It has also been a profound journey back to the bones of my Being after almost a decade of being a part of the self-improvement industry. What is most toxic is the idea that you need to achieve a specific state to inhabit your 'best self'. There is no doing in my work - it's all an undoing and a returning - an embodiment and an embrace of the wild Heart you were given.

It means seeking less externally so you can begin to create more from within. That to me is true self-empowerment. I share unconventional ideas for those wishing to grow a creative business on my patron-supported Substack thread, creative heArt - I'd love to connect with you on a weekly basis through a shared love of slow-living, deep learning, and inner growth...

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