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Inspired  Mama  Inspiration

Sez answers your questions...

Read the Q&A with Sez about her new book, Inspired Mama...

Inspiration for your own journey...

Motherhood is not easy. But it can be your awakening into a magnificent life. Read more journal pieces about rebellion in motherhood...

Choose Nourishment over comfort...

Listen to the podcast series, Seekless. Inspired to keep you aligned with your authentic, empowered self...


Living in alignment with your higher self is the most transformational way to heal your mind, body & soul. It allows you to live in a state of balance, connection and super-empowerment, to which all of life suddenly becomes a deeply profound opportunity to nourish and mend.


You do not need fixing, merely the chance to see that contrast is in your life as a means to self-knowing. For it is in the knowing who you truly are that affords you the ability to live the best version of your life.

This book was created as an intuitive conduit for your own journey back to self-love and allows you to discover the immense purpose all pain holds. Read more via Goodreads and Amazon below...



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Healing  Her  Inspiration

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Interview about Healing HER...

Read the Q&A with Sez about her Soul-SKin series and the bestselling poetry book, Healing HER...


Inspiration for your own journey...

Join the online community of self-healers and inspiration-seekers and follow the self-love with Sez...


Herbal Verses...

Listen to the poetry series, Herbal Verse for quick self-healing relief...

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As Told By Nomads

As Told By Nomads podcast features interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, entrepreneurs and multicultural individuals who are leaders in business, culture, travel and global affairs to discuss what it takes to embrace your global identity and become a global leader.

I recently had the honour of being interviewed by Tayo Rockson for this incredible podcast.

Listen to episode No. 465 by clicking the 'Listen Now' button!

As seen on...



#118 | Breaking The Chains of Motherhood, Poetry as Self-healing & Escaping Escapism with Sez Kristiansen

Join us for a conversation about freedom being an inside job, balancing “the mother” and “the woman” inside each one of us and how to stop escaping negative mindsets that keep us stuck. Here are the details:

  • Going from psychosis to living with better mental health and greater self-love

  • Meeting “The Viking” Husband

  • Why poetry can be an act of self-healing & liberation

  • The nature of escapism and how to find your way out

  • The paradox of freedom & rebellion in motherhood

  • How to balance the mother vs. the woman and intertwining both

  • Turning failures and challenges into lessons learned

  • And much more…

Email: hello@sezkristiansen.com

Created with love in Denmark.

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