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An anthology of poetry, short stories & journals that will help you emotionally heal the pain, the longing and that deeper soul-sickness we all experience from living disconnected from nature and our wilder Hearts.


The Soul-Skin Series

Healing our way home

Healing HER is no.1 in African Poetry on Amazon and is the 4th bestselling book in all women's poetry. It has sold over 70,000 copies worldwide and is used as material in healing circles, book clubs, and yoga studios. This book was written to make sacred the healing nature of HER, the feminine energy we all have within that can carry our pain for us. Read the reviews!

This book is for every disembodied body who longs to know what it feels like to trust their body's wisdom and who crave to feel a deep sense of peace within themselves.

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The Symbolic Sight Series

Story Medicine is a collection of short story, prose, and poetry written during the pandemic. It extracts pieces of reworked poetry from Sez' online platform including unpublished meditations, poems, and short stories that remind you that as is without, so is within. You will recognize your own quiet and empowered wisdom in these pieces.


Birdsong, a child's hand in yours, belly-laughter, sun on your face after a long winter...the best things in life are most certainly free. That's why I give 90% of my work away. We live in a saturated market full of talented writers and artists and healers, so you to get to know me before you a book or course. That way I can also get to know you! Resonance is truly magic.

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Published with TCK Publishers, Inspired Mama is a book for mothers of young children who want to know how to keep their freedom while navigating the beautiful but demanding world of motherhood. This book is about how motherhood is a spiritual path that can help deepen your journey towards self-discovery and ultimate freedom.

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A room without books is like a body without a soul.


I write books that have intentions stitched into their spines. That means if you wake up and flip any of my books open, you will read something that lifts the soul, quietens the mind and awakens the body. That is what I hope to offer you; profound experiences through words of art.

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