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Help yourself to a free e-journal, workbook, or printout created to help you re-story your narrative into true, untethered self-empowerment. Just download and enjoy!

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A free mini course

Join us on the Substack newsletter for this series that dives deep into the art of self-healing through the Divine Feminine. Get access to a selection of poems from the new book as well as the audio introduction to Healing Her II ...

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SURFACE to soul

10-day course workbook

Get the companion to the 10-day Insight Timer Meditation course, Surface to Soul. If you are on the course or have taken it, use this e-book to deepen your practice and remind you of the lessons you learned along the way.


Mental Health Month Remedies e-book

In May, I asked you to write me about your heartaches so I could offer you a remedy in return. I received hundreds of emails from men and women trying to overcome life's difficulties. I wrote 8 remedies that became archetypal healing journeys that everyone can take. Discover poetry, audio stories & letters from this series and find your own remedy here.


Become an Indigenous Ally


Learn how to become a genuine ally of First Nation wisdom by asking yourself some hard questions about how you might be surrogating spiritual material as your own. This poster will help you check your intentions and actions with regards to Indigenous nations.

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Image by laura adai


step by step guide

The HEAL acronym practice was created as an easy way to disarm your emotional triggers before they validate a false belief within you. It is a truly transformative practise that can offer salve to even the deepest wounds. Try the meditation now and see if it resonates with you!

Image by Annie Spratt



Our moods change by the day, if not by the hour. Sometimes they can overwhelm us when we are unconscious of what is going on in the deeper parts of our lives. Print these cards out for a month and see what comes up in your habits that may be affecting your ability to embody joy.

Notebook and Pen
Image by Vasily Koloda
Image by Nathan Oakley


guided e-journal

Healthy changes take time to put into practice, especially after emotional upheaval. Use this guided e-journal to help you discover what changes need to happen under the pressures the pandemic has put us under.

Image by Jen P.

5 ways to help you REMEMBER YOURSELF


Step outside of the wellness industry's advice and into your own with these 5 steps on how to remember your Self on your self-improvement journey.

Image by Jen P.
Image by Georgia de Lotz
Image by laura adai

NEW year's restoration


Print out a set of affirmations that can be used all year long, especially during times that we are encouraged to be 'better' or 'new' versions of ourselves. Come back to the wholeness of who you already are.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Balanced by freedom

book resource

Use this printable pdf as a visual journey thtough the Inspired Mama book by Sez. Freedom for mothers in body, mind and spirit. 

Image by laura adai
Image by Library of Congress
Home Decor

20 poetic quotes that will change your life


If you love to read inspiring quotes that uplift the soul and awaken the emotional body, print out these 20 poetic quotes written by Sez and keep them on your refrigerator or bedside table for self-healing SOS.

Image by Jen P.

The Daily heal journal audiobook companion

guided e-journal

If you have purchased the audiobook for the guided journal, The Daily Heal Journal, then this is your audio companion. Use this book as you navigate the HEAL acronym questions as well as over 40 different prompt questions that will help you to become your own medicine.

Image by Jess Bailey
Image by Library of Congress
Image by Luc van Loon

The Nordic soulstice


Join thousands of people from around the world who are journeying into winter Nordic traditions to discover the healing tools that will help you thrive through life's harshest winters.

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