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Get a personalised remedy


Poems are living bridges that connect us to a deeper sense of belonging and purpose in this world. They offer us remedial journeys that can transform our pain through.


Ancient traditions knew the power of poetry as medicine for those who suffered from deep beneath the human bone or those who longed for a healing that this world could not heal alone.

It is through this ancient practice of administering a specific poem to a specific soul-sickness that we can alter our lives from the very places we hurt the most.

Allow Sez to write you a medicinal poem that will help you heal, awaken & transcend this difficult challenge you are going through.

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Are you struggling with a particular ache that doesn't seem to heal?

Do you resonate with dream, symbolism, mythology & archetypal journeys? 

Discover poetry as a profound form of emotional healing.

For $59,99 you will receive:

  • A personalized one-of-a-kind healing poem crafted to help you through your current challenge.

  • A personal letter from Sez in response to your specific struggle, offering you an explanation of your poem and what steps to take forward with you.

  • A downloadable audio (mp4) recording of your poem, spoken by Sez & a beautiful printable pdf of the poem so that you can use it in your own healing practice.


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You will shortly receive a questionnaire to fill out. It will ask you a few questions about who you are, what you are going through and what you resonate with. The deeper you answer the questions, the deeper the medicine that can be made.


Within 48 hours of sending your questionnaire, you will be offered a personalized, wildcrafted poem (audio & written) to take with you on your heroic journey into the future. 

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Once Sez has received your answers, she will take her time to read your story and take your pain into the Nordic nature where she lives to find a specific healing remedy. This process of offering pain to the wisdom of Nature is the same as Sez uses in her own healing practice.

The Poetry Apothecary (1).jpg

For the dreamers, the wild women, the free spirits, the creative, the empaths & the plant folk...

After you have paid, you will be directed to a questionnaire where you can tell me a little more about yourself and your current journey.

Within 48 hours of answering your questionnaire, you will receive your personalized healing poem, in audio and printable pdf, as well as an in-depth personal letter from Sez.



poetry is an apothecary

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" I have been receiving personalised poems from Sez for 5 years as part of my healing practice and they are even better than reading tarot cards or your horoscope. They have given me direction, purpose and a way through my pain. I'm forever grateful." 

Natalie Hassmen - Herbalist, Denmark

"If you want to find a way to get through something difficult, then this is the best money I've ever spent. I do it regularly and Sez creates poems for me every quarter. It's like I'm given clarity and strength to move on through the power of words. Highly recommended."

Alyson Wick - Artist, Canada

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