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Words To Walk Yourself Home

Words To Walk Yourself Home


//This is an immediate digital download & suitable for all devices//


Are you a yoga teacher, intuitive coach, healer, or creative seeking to deepen the impact of your teachings and services? Words to walk yourself home is designed to help you cultivate a richer, more fulfilling practice—not just for yourself, but for all those you guide.


With this ebook, you’ll discover a collection of devotional insights rooted in the principles of non-duality and the transformative wisdom of nature. Each affirmation is an invocation, a call to rediscover the infinite possibilities that lie within and around us. This powerful resource provides not only peace and personal growth but also practical tools to enhance your professional practice in the following ways:

  • Deepen Client Engagement: Use these affirmations to guide your clients through their own barriers to peace and self-realization, helping them to unlock deeper levels of healing and insight.
  • Enhance Creativity and Intuition: With each meditation, tap into your creative spirit and intuitive insights, ideal for artists and creators seeking to push the boundaries of their work.
  • Strengthen Your Offerings: Incorporate these powerful meditations and affirmations into your classes or sessions, offering a unique value that sets your services apart.
  • Cultivate Personal and Professional Growth: While helping your clients, you'll also embark on your own journey of self-discovery and professional development, leading to a more satisfying and impactful career.
  • Easy Access and Usability: Conveniently available for download, use this eBook from anywhere, seamlessly integrating these practices into your daily routines or professional settings.


This is a vital tool for anyone in the healing and creative professions who wishes to explore and embody the art of living in true alignment. Invest in your practice, nurture your spirit, and revolutionize the way you work by embracing the wisdom of this meditation collection. Embrace transformation—both within yourself and in your ability to serve others. Get your copy today and start the journey toward holistic fulfillment.




  • The unabridged script of Words to walk yourself home to accompany your own personal practice or share with others.
  • Additional journal prompts for you to deepen your understanding
  • Blank reflection pages to jot down notes



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Upon checkout, you will receive a direct download link on the final page - as well as a download link to your email address.

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