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Seeking To Heal From Trauma

Seeking To Heal From Trauma


//This is an immediate digital download & suitable for all devices//


Are you a meditation guide, mindfulness coach, intuitive healer, or wellness practitioner dedicated to empowering yourself and others on the journey toward inner peace and self-realization? Sez' guided meditation, "Embracing Your Inner Black Bear," is meticulously crafted to enhance your sessions and deepen the transformative experiences you offer.


With this digital resource, you'll gain access to a profound meditation script aimed at confronting and healing deep-seated fears and insecurities. This meditation invites participants to meet their symbolic "Black Bear," representing their fears and self-doubt, and guides them through a process of healing and acceptance. It's more than just a meditation; it's an opportunity to facilitate a journey of emotional liberation and self-trust. 


This invaluable tool provides numerous benefits for your practice and your clients:

  • Deepen Emotional Resilience: Utilize this meditation to help your clients face their fears, understand their protective mechanisms, and cultivate stronger emotional health.
  • Inner Child Healing: Connect to your innermost vulnerable self who might still be bound by protection and heal autonomy over your parts (based on the Internal Family Systems model).
  • Enhance Insight and Self-awareness: Each session is an invitation for participants to dive deep into self-reflection, enhancing personal growth and self-knowledge.
  • Enrich Your Professional Offerings: Incorporate this powerful meditation into your workshops or individual sessions, offering a unique and impactful experience that distinguishes your services.
  • Promote Personal and Professional Development: While guiding others, you also engage in a parallel process of learning and growth, enriching both your personal life and your professional practice.


This meditation guide is a must-have for anyone in the field of mental health, wellness, and personal development who seeks to explore and facilitate deeper emotional healing and self-discovery. Transform the lives of your clients and enrich your practice by harnessing the profound teachings of this meditation.



  • The complete script for "Embracing Your Inner Black Bear" also known as Seeking to heal from trauma, to guide your sessions, or enhance your personal practice.
  • Tailored journal prompts for post-meditation reflection to deepen understanding and insights.
  • Blank reflection pages for personal notes or client feedback.



Upon checkout, receive an immediate download link on the final page and a copy will also be sent to your email address for your convenience. 

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