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I AM affirmations with Non Duality guide, Sez

I am - Transformative Affirmations for Returning to Wholeness


//This is an immediate digital download & is suitable for all devices//


Discover the transformative power of affirmations with Sez Kristiansen's 31-day Affirmation Series eBook, a vital resource specifically crafted for yoga instructors, coaches, meditation guides, intuitive healers, and spiritual practitioners seeking inspiring content to enrich their sessions and deepen the connection with themselves and their clients.


This eBook not only offers affirmations but also invites you into an intimate exploration of self through words that resonate with authenticity and wisdom.


Crafted with intention and care, each page of this eBook serves as a gateway to self-reflection and personal growth, retuning the reader to their innomost Self.


It provides a sacred tool for professionals in the healing and spiritual fields to foster an environment of introspection and spiritual alignment during their practices. Whether read at the beginning of a yoga session, during a coaching seminar, or as part of a meditative practice, these affirmations help anchor the mind and open the heart, setting a potent tone for transformation.


By integrating this affirmation Series into your professional toolkit, you are not merely offering words; you are facilitating deeply personal journeys back to one's core self. It is an opportunity to elevate your teachings and sessions, making each encounter a profound experience that encourages whole-hearted living and authentic self-expression.




  • 31 in depth affirmations
  • Introduction, an invitation and bonus affirmations
  • Journal prompts
  • Reflection pages


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