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Ebook & Full Transcript for Surface to Soul

Ebook & Full Transcript for Surface to Soul


What's included?

  • A 30+ page written transcript plus an introduction, and additional tips.
  • Ebook companion with journal prompts for each day

This is the companion material for the 10-day course, Surface to Soul which can be purchased separately on Sez's website. 


About the course:

Step into a Profound Journey with Sez Kristiansen's "Surface to Soul" 10-Day Meditation Course

Are you ready to dive deep into the very essence of your being and emerge transformed? Sez Kristiansen’s "Surface to Soul" is not just a meditation course—it is an expedition into your soul-soil, a poetic encounter melding language and introspection, designed to lead you from surface to depth, from disquiet to stillness.

Why "Surface to Soul"?

  • Heal and Empower from Within:

    • Break away from the layers of conditioned life and discover the power of self-healing and self-empowerment. Reconnect with the heart's guidance, fostering resilience and a peaceful presence amidst life's tumult.
  • A Multi-Layered Experience:

    • Journey through ten meticulously crafted sessions, each descending deeper into your essence, from the volatile surface of everyday struggles to the serene depths of your core-being, anchored in love[1].
  • Practical Tools and Guided Reflection:

    • Accompanying each meditation is an e-book journal filled with introspective prompts, inspirational quotes, and practical tools, ensuring not just a momentary pause but a sustainable practice of self-reflection and growth.
  • Community and Support:

    • Join a nurturing community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of inner exploration. Share experiences, insights, and support one another through this transformative journey.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility:

    • Engage with this course at your own pace, in your own space. Each day requires only a short dedication of time, yet promises profound impact on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Promise of Transformation

As you emerge from the "Surface to Soul" course, expect to be not just refreshed but fundamentally changed. This course offers more than just relaxation. It offers a radical shift in how you connect with yourself and the world—dispelling the illusions of dependency on the external and recalibrating your life through the power of your own inner truth.

Are you prepared to leave behind the shallows and plunge into the depths of your soul? Join Sez Kristiansen and embark on this powerful 10-day voyage to reclaim the serenity, power, and joy that are inherently yours.

Discover yourself. Unlock your potential. Transform your life.


Take the first step on this profound journey. Your soul is calling.



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