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Your sense of self.

Your interior life.

The outdoors.


To wholeness.

To quietude.

To freedom.



Your bodymind.

Your limited conditionings.

Your spiritual ecology.


seek less. remember more.

"What aches you

is the flesh of a truth

yet made its way

onto your bones."

I'm no longer social, but I do gather...

Welcome to a space where we embrace the untamed essence of life. I am a steadfast advocate for living authentically, closely aligned with our wild natures, in environments that offer true reciprocity and nourishment.


It is for this reason that I have chosen to step away from social media. My soul-crafted words now find their home on Insight Timer, where access is always free, and on Substack, supported by patrons like you. These platforms allow me to share content that fosters deep connections and meaningful exchanges.


If my words resonate with you, perhaps we are bound by the same ink, members of a shared soul kinship. Such connections are immensely precious to me, and I am eager to nurture them.


Through my Substack newsletter, Remembering Wild, I offer a haven of quiet, profound reflections created to reconnect you with your primal, essential nature—gifts from the wisdom of the wilderness.


Join me on this heartfelt journey back to ourselves, a journey where each step is a step toward home.

Connect with me weekly in a safe space created for Self-remembrance

Thanks for submitting! You will receieve an restoritive remembrance in your inbox on Thursday!

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How can I help you remember yourself?


Hold healing words in your hands. My poetry books, journals & non-fiction books are available on Amazon

Weekly unpublished content, healing stories & original poetry. Join this safe space where I spend much of my time


Meditate with me on Insight Timer. My meditations will always be free for everyone.


Take a free email course with me or start the Surface to Soul 10 day course

Slow poetry




Welcome to a realm where words transform fracture into Wholeness. This sanctuary is crafted for learning, connection, and mutual inspiration, fueled by a shared love for nature, intentional living, and embracing the wild within us. Here, we explore the art of seeking less and remembering more, a journey I am deeply committed to.

In this space, every word is chosen with intention—slow, deliberate, and affirming—to foster a unique way of experiencing healing. I am eager to connect with you and hear your story, so please feel free to reach out, share your thoughts, or simply say hi!

Themes Explored in My Work:

  • Ecopsychology: Unveiling the deep connections between humans and nature, exploring our intertwined psyches.

  • Non-duality: Shifting our perspective from ego-driven identities to simply being.

  • Remembrance: Rediscovering our inherent peace, freedom, and joy—not as new attainments, but as forgotten truths.

  • The Primordial Self: Learning to live from an awakened heart, beyond the self.

  • Wandering: Fulfilling our innate need to roam the earth and delve into our internal landscapes with curiosity.

  • Rewilding the Bodymind: Trusting in our innate capacity to heal and rejuvenate, recognizing the wisdom in our physical and mental beings.

  • Mindful Awareness and Felt-Sensing: Engaging in direct experiences and heightened awareness of our physical and emotional sensations.

  • Re-storying the Past: Embracing our personal myths as tools for empowerment and transformation.

  • Metaphor: Communicating with the soul through the language of imagery and symbol.

  • Love as Consciousness: Viewing love as the encompassing force that integrates body and mind.

  • Physical Embodiment of Non-dual Understanding: Experiencing non-duality not just as a concept but as a lived reality.

  • Mythopoetic: Weaving the ancient art of storytelling into the fabric of our modern lives.

This is more than a website; it’s an invitation to journey inward and wander outward, to weave the human and the Divine together so we may heal, inspire, and empower the lives that proceed our own.


Let’s create storylines that map our journey back to our true home. 

Words are seeds. We are their soil.

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