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Words that mend the soul, calm the mind & connect you with your wise & wild Heart


somatic healing experiences that bring you home to your wholeness

I am so excited to have you here. Thank you for spending a moment of your time with me. I don't have anything new to tell you - but I can help you remember something you may have forgotten. How to be you. Embodied. Present. Whole. Wild & Wise. It's all within you. Let me help you remember what you already know through slow poetry, meditation & my newsletter, all rooted in the language of the soul; symbolism. Sign up for intentional, slow content.

I might love you just a little bit. Thank you and enjoy the rest of my website ♥

How can I help you remember yourself?


Hold healing words in your hands. My poetry books, journals & non-fiction books are on Amazon

Weekly unpublished content, healing stories & original poetry. Join this safe space where I spend much of my time

Meditate with me on Insight Timer & my podcast


Take a free email course with me or start the Surface to Soul 10 day course

Slow poetry



I believe words are the most powerful tools we have in changing our stories of fracture into ones of wholeness & heroism. This is a safe space to learn, come together, and inspire each other through the love of nature, non-duality & wilder ways of living. Through these words, you will learn how to seek less and create more, a concept I am passionate about having searched for freedom externally for many years. I am deeply dedicated to being slow, intentional, and affirmative with my words, creating a new way to experience healing. I'd love to connect with you and your story, so always feel free to email me and say hi!

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Words are seeds. We are their soil.

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