A UNIQUE, POETIC newsletter that heals, restores and inspires you to a more deeper way of living.







Aside from writing books, I value this newsletter most.

Once a month, I connect with those who resonate with my books, meditations and poetry -  and it's where I open up about the challenges of living a deeper kind of life. 

I consider each and every one of my readers a potential soul-friend because if they have come to the point of signing up for this newsletter, it means we share something deeply profound, and we are able to inspire each other by replying to the newsletter personally if it resonates with you.

I know that your time is the most valuable asset you own, so I collaborate all the unpublished personal, actionable and unique insights into one, monthly mail, which might even mean you start looking forward to opening your mailbox :)


I want to create an interactive space with like-minded souls wishing to live life a little more deeply within themselves - and a little less dominated by the sometimes very superficial world.

My newsletter is influenced by my own journey and I hope to inspire, heal and offer actual tools that will help you live a more untethered life. As I am based in the Nordics, there is a strong message of wilderness, overcoming challenging environments, minimalism & spiritual self-care - as well as unchartered and sustainable travel. But I am still a southern hemisphere'd soul, so there is a lot of bohemian nuances in there too :) 

I hope you will join me once a month via email!

(Free PDF on '5 ways to remember yourself')

Email: hello@sezkristiansen.com

Created with love in Denmark.

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