What you seek, you will always seek. What you create, you will find everything you've always wanted.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

We are born seekers. We seek answers, for joy, for love, for validation, for the right time, the right place, the right partner, the right path, for freedom, we seek after everything we currently lack so that we may fill our lives with it, feel the fullness of having it - and then seek some more because its found-ness didn't quite last as long as we'd hoped.

... this is what we do, what we have always done - and it is both our curse and our cure for all life's aches because for all that makes us seekers, creates avoiders too.

We seek the light to that we may avoid the dark - we seek to make our lives more comfortable, less hard and painful.

We seek for the sake of seeking because sometimes we don't know who we'd be without the search.

We don't want to see what is here, now - because that is too found, too real, without another possibility - unlike the potential future to which we seek our happiness in.

It is our human that seeks - not our spirit. The spirit is a finder, a keeper of heres and nows. It will always find something to be grateful for, something to be worthy of in the present moment, an answer cut from truth and absolved of excuses. We need both seeking and finding to live a good life, but we also need to know when our seeking has tethered us to an addiction of looking outward for answers that are already imbedded in our spirit.

Sometimes we seek through our phones - the vortex of information. We seek for answers and for the questions that will lead us to a better life, a more enriched sense of well being. We cannot live without our seeking, for who would we be if we stopped the momentum of searching this external world for what we believe we truly need?

Who would we be? Less driven? Less content with what is? Less developed in our humanity? If we were to stop our seeking this very moment, perhaps the world itself would stop spinning from the sheer lack of momentum...

But let me entertain you for a moment with an idea. Perhaps what you seek is already within you and all this striving in the exterior world is actually causing more detachment and more suffering than if you did just stop - for a moment - and found that exact thing you are searching for, within.

It is our human-ness that seeks - but our spirit has always been an intrinsic finder and creator of all that feels like it is lacking 'out there.'

So what if you are seeking a better job, a different way of living, a more liberated means of existence, a better paycheque, a more loving partner...? These are all good things to help you live your very best life -it is undeniably OK to want to better your life, and that takes finding the right solution for you. But therein lies the answer:

You find it, rather than seek it.

Have I lost you yet? Stay with me...

How do you find without seeking?

First, you make what you already have, work.

If the idea of this makes you feel disheartened, it is merely the ego creating some kind of dissatisfaction in you, not spirit -it is silently rejoicing deep within you right now.

'Making it work' means you simply see what you already have and work on a deeper level to find it where you are. If you seek a more adventurous life - find adventure in your neighbourhood, in knowing your comfort zones and in stretching yourself beyond what you think you are capable of. If you seek belonging - find it within getting to know yourself better. If you seek more money - find it already tied up in the material goods you have, and then sell what you don't use/love. If you seek better health - find it in the habits you already have and let go of those that are not contributing to the best version of yourself (as apposed to seeking a 'new diet'). Whatever you seek - is already within your means of attainment.

Secondly, if you cannot find it - create it.

Can't find out what your purpose is? Can't find out where you belong? Can't decide which direction you should go? Can't find the right person, country, house, job that fulfils you deeply?

Create it.

To create is to let the spirit have a moment of human-ness - a moment to express itself in the boundaries of the physical realm. As a conduit of this expression, you are able to embody all your heart and soul desire.

It means that you create the love within yourself, that you have sought after in others - or you create the little community of nature lovers on Meetup instead of trying to find one already in existence - or you create the job you have always wanted from home, instead of seeking it in the safety of a pay-roll - or you cultivate roots in the country you live in right now, make it a home, create a friendship with it instead of eternally seeking to find a better/warmer/more exciting one...

You create your life from the hands that are shaped by patient spirit because you will come to understand that what is out there will always be out there and you get to know yourself on a deeper level by accepting that seeking is an incredible tool for adventure, but not for creating what you really want from life.

In slowing down the momentum you have for seeking, you build confidence in your reason for being where you are, here and now - the divine timing of everything happening when it's best for you. You see that change will happen, once you let go of the outcome, once you let go of the seeking and the looking outward to what you already know lies within.

While you find and create with the fabric of what is here and now, notice how content your world becomes. Notice the peaceful gap life falls into. Listen to the silence of the sleeping seeker and feel the beat burning from heart, who ignites its purpose into your creations.

Everyday we seek, we live a little less within our power. What in your life can be found and created instead?

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