• Sez Kristiansen

To Receive

Everything comes to you, that belongs to you -
but first, you must create the capacity to receive it.

There is no greater ability to learn, than to receive. Because as long as unworthiness is held within our hearts, we can never truly give what it most healing to the world.

We are taught to give - (The archetypal mother endlessly giving herself to her child - The wounded healer, replenishing others - The worker, trading time for wealth)

But have you been taught how to receive - without an exchange of worth?

It may be as small as an offering of stillness or beauty - or as grand as having the capacity to be loved…

Receiving is the art of seeing the beauty, love, freedom, abundance & splendour being offered in front of you in every given moment - and recognising it as a piece of yourself that is being returned home to your Being.

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