• Sez Kristiansen

To Consciously Fall Apart

Gentle you go now.

Gentle you grow now.

Nurse the wounded places

but make them not a comfort,

for even healing can become a vice.

Practice quiet.

Find a meeting place





where one speaks in

lulling tongues

and the other attends

in loving presence.

Bring all your willingness

to the journey ahead,

leave nothing that matters

but take so little

that your pilgrimage

always feels light.

Cry in the language

that all others mourn.

Help them to their feet

from where you yourself

have fallen.

Calm the fear that

causes scarcity

that causes theft

that causes the abandonment

of all possibility -

and know the words

you speak now

breathe life into lungs

long after yours have been eft

Hide seeds in your hair,

damp earth in your pockets,

and light within your heart.

So, you never forget the

ability you have

to feed yourself.

Create a cleft,

a deep chasm from where you

are now and from whom

you no longer want to be.

Make it so

you can

n e v e r

go back…

burning the bridges -

brushing the sand behind you.

Find shelter first

beside the water that flows

downstream towards your passion.

No thirst will befall upon you

when you drink

from the well that your own

hands had to bore.

There’s light ahead.

Go steady now, go quiet and

make mendings along the way

create hurt into tools

and wisdoms into amulets

that you offer to others,

never lesser for the giving

but enriched by it

Weary will become the woman

who seeks to find her way home

but engendered is the one

who knows she never left

and just needed some time

to consciously fall apart.

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