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The Truth About Stillness

Even as we venture into the wild, we often forget that we take ourselves with.

So much is being written about this new calling to be still - to get back to our creative lives - to harness this time of slow living - to be closer to what matters…

But it’s also ok that this energy is not your experience.

In fact, stillness, slowing down, living simply - is not easy for most. Especially for those of us with challenging emotional or mental health.

Being here with what is - takes an immense amount of leaving oneself behind.

The whole world can be called into stillness - but if our minds don’t follow suit, how can we say we are truly making the most of this opportunity?

It’s the opposite of living in chaos with a peaceful mind - we are now living in stillness with chaotic minds.

It is ok that as the world moves into a new paradigm - we still feel like we carry our old demons with us into it.

Because peace doesn’t come from waking up in a beautiful sun-lit meadow in the middle of nature and enjoying a fresh brew of coffee in a handmade wooden cup (as truly wonderful as that was) - just as it doesn’t come from the external world telling you to slow down and take stock of what you are grateful for.

It comes from listening to the world within you, and the intention you carry to face yourself on a daily basis.

That is the work we are really being called into at the moment. And that work isn’t supposed to feel natural, easy or even shareable.

It’s a lonely, honest road toward self-sustaining peace. But the more you meet yourself through meditation, journaling, yoga and mindfulness - the more you know yourself. And the more you know yourself, the less there is to fear.

And without fear…

There falls the light of true stillness & peace.

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What you create, creates you and gives meaning to the world around you - and within you. Never lose that thread of curiosity that leads you to the most wild and beautiful experiences.


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