• Sez Kristiansen

The Taproot

Exposed roots,

they protrude through the surface

with their twisted and misshapen forms,


they break the surface where

the topsoil has come away.

You too have sacred grounding systems

that call to be dug down deep

into the very core of you,

so that they may hold you in those

heavy winds, those eradicating fires

and those floods of hurt.

Externalise your validation - and your roots will bubble up, bared.

Seek to change the mirror rather than what is being reflected -

and your soul-source will crown upward from its rich & peaty underworld

into a world of scarcity and famine.

Hold opinions as solid as gold but which inhabit no worth -

and your foundations will be inverted - upturned from being

multi-faceted, dynamically supported

and self-sustaining

into a one-dimensional husk.

Keep finding and nourishing your taproot,

the inner and vertically descending

part of you that holds, restores and maintains

balance between both worlds.

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