• Sez Kristiansen

The Mystery Of Your Medicine

As you lay

on the bottom of that

indigo seabed.

looking up towards

the mosaic surface

where light beams

pierce through its whitewater

and rays of sunlight

stream down in arrows...

As all light fades just before

your reach, leaving you

with glassy


and silky seaweed

to tighten its lacy

tentacles around your


Remember that you are

born a babe of the deep blue,

kin to all with lung of gill

and blood of salt.

Remember you can breathe

down here.

Gifted an aqualung

by that

which knows

life was not meant

for shallow dwelling,

but deep excavations into

the very mystery of your medicine.

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What you create, creates you and gives meaning to the world around you - and within you. Never lose that thread of curiosity that leads you to the most wild and beautiful experiences.


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