The manifestation minimalist

How to keep your life simple and your manifestations potent.

Something strange happened to my manifestations after I moved to Scandinavia.

I started being met by more opportunities, was given more guidance and was put in situations where I was able to meet the right people to help me grow my dreams. In other words, my intentional manifestations were coming to life quicker than I imagined possible.

Why? Well, before I lived a very cluttered life. I never had goals but held tight to dreams I believed were supposed to come true. I filled my head and my living space with all kinds of memorabilia from my travels, filled hundreds of journals with my thoughts and had a well stocked wardrobe of disposable fashion. I lived as a nomad, from a duffle bag, going from one country to the next, one job to the next - and kept the baggage (including emotional) with me.

Despite my entangled way of thinking, acting and living, I honestly would have told you that I was a free woman not even 6 years ago. And I was heavily into manifestation, the law of attraction and the law of vibration. I wanted to manifest my dream beach life with surfer-husband, grommet kids and matching rustic million dollar home on the ocean.

I pinned cut-outs on my visualisation wall that made the cork-board fall off due to the weight of 'dreams'. I signed up (and uhum...paid for) many online courses (including some of the most famous ones) that set out to solve my abundance blocks, manifest my dream life in less than 24 hours and create a life I loved by journalling/visualising/live as if you have it even more.

But I got no closer to what I wanted - and instead got what I needed.

A Viking by the name of Mads, who bundled me (and all my belongings up) and took me back to his rather frozen home.

I didn't intentionally become a minimalist, because I am bohème at heart and didn't think the two could go together... but by some form of cultural osmosis, I started getting rid of everything that didn't hold a purpose or that I loved immensely. That happened to be more than 80% of my stuff. I began on a spiritual cleanse that lasted 4 years and shifted my mindset from messy and passionate to focussed and passionate. I began being guided by a clarity that I had never felt before, even after a year in a Sri Lankan nunnery during my youth.

After two kids, we started intentionally co-creating our life again together because we were tired of working full-time and living a predictable life. We wanted freedom, the kind you get to choose what kind of life you get to live and without worrying about who you might offend. So we went travelling with our young family and spent a while figuring out our core priorities in life, returning to Denmark to put it into practice.

With this clarity of mind, clarity from living small and experiencing big and this focus of living according to very few, but very potent priorities, I started intentionally manifesting my life again. But this time on a very clean slate...

With a minimalist approach to how I manifested, how I focussed, how I visualised, how I meditated, how I was guided, how I let go...I manifested my dream of quitting my job in fashion design and becoming an author in just 8 months.

Within these 8 months I:

Quit my job

Wrote 2 books

Signed a deal with my favourite publisher (Intentional manifestation book coming out Autumn 2019)

Self published a poetry book (AMAZON)

Bought a property by the ocean and hand-built a cabin on it (INSTAGRAM)

Spent more time with my two young children than I ever have

Signed up for the Stockholm half-marathon (that's something I never thought I would do...)

It may not be what freedom looks like to some people, but it is my definition and of my own making. It is the most empowering journey I have ever been on and I would love to share the tips on keeping life and manifestation simple with you via my Facebook page or let me know how your life has been changed through intentional manifestation or what your definition of freedom is in the comments below!

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