• Sez Kristiansen

The Dreamer

You are born and reborn

night after night.

Your dreams guide you deep, deep down into the underworld of your

wild soul, with weary eyes closed, you naturally see more in the dusk than

when eyes are levered open in the light.

In the night’s sanctitude, you walk the crimson forests of your heart

with dark earth still damp upon feet

as you wake,

spreading other worldly soil onto your day clothes.

You can still smell charred white oak on your skin,

and taste peat whiskey upon your tongue,

a twig still lies intertwined in your untamed hair.

and smoke softens your bones.

Walk wildly within your knowing of this place and eke that ethereal dust into all fibres of your being.

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What you create, creates you and gives meaning to the world around you - and within you. Never lose that thread of curiosity that leads you to the most wild and beautiful experiences.


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