• Sez Kristiansen

The Abandonment

Dear soul,

What is worse, your pain - or your attempt to escape it?

What is worse, your fear, loneliness, sorrow…or your longing to be free from them?

What is worse, your discomfort…or your resistance to it, your need to numb it, to make it better again?

Is it true you must convert your sadness to Joy - confusion to clarity - dissatisfaction to gratitude - to know true freedom?

Or can you be with what you most wish to abandon?

Our minds cannot understand the alchemic truth that the medicine we seek is found in the very wound itself. But the body understands. The heart knows. Do not abandon yourself when you need your Self most.

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What you create, creates you and gives meaning to the world around you - and within you. Never lose that thread of curiosity that leads you to the most wild and beautiful experiences.


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