3 traits all modern free-spirits keep in motherhood

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

While our identity shifts during the many stages of motherhood, free-spirited mothers keep these three traits as a fundamental part of themselves - and perhaps it’s not what you imagined...

I like to think of myself as a free-spirit, a bohemian, a nomadic soul...

but that has changed many, many times over the last 7 years of motherhood. There were times I felt constrained, conformed and very much underwhelmed by the mediocre of motherhood.

It was only through finding a truer, freer state of mind that I came home to my soul-skin; the essence that is unapologetically woman and ultimately free.

I have met many similar wild woman through my years of unchartered travels, and many of whom I am still friends with today. These are a rare breed of independent thinkers and untethered souls who have taken on motherhood with a special kind of creativity - while still keeping a piece of themselves fiercely free.

But they are perhaps not who you would imagine the typical 'free-spirit' to be...

We may believe that to be a free-spirit means to live in tree houses and wear chiffon dresses. We may have also come to believe that those women in festivals with the floral head-wreaths, a third eye bindi and frayed leather satchels embody the illusive and lustrous free-spirit...

But this is where society has made a commodity of spirituality and a fashion accessory out of a state of mind.

Because to be truly free-spirited means to be brave and unwavering in the ability to live ones highest potential. And this takes guts. This takes courage to go against the grain, to be bold in the face repression and to rise above the closed minds and enslaving ideals of the current collective consciousness.

In other words, it takes a serious amount of inner work to be liberated these days. It takes even more to be a free-spirited mother because we live in an era of 'having it all' - and the it is being determined by an obsessively illusive standard.

But this is where adopting an ‘untethered by expectations’ nature may change the paradigm in modern motherhood - because to be a true free spirit means to keep a part of yourself free from caring what others think.

Here are the ways modern free spirits stay true to themselves in motherhood

1 - They see self care as a ritual

A nice idea to many of us, but a ritual to free-spirits. They engage in daily practices that offer conscious connections to the present moment and create moments of awareness of how they are feeling. Self care is essential to all souls that value their freedom, because it reconnects you to self-compassion - which is important for self-esteem, confidence and self-empowerment.

Tip! Make just one self care practice a day a priority. It is an essential to better mental health in motherhood, which means happier families and an overall better quality of life.

2 - They spend time alone

Time alone in motherhood is bitter-sweet. You crave it and then don't know what to do with it. But being alone is a vital tool in protecting a free-spirit's energy. Most free spirits are empaths and require time to connect to themselves and their own source of energy. They rarely feel lonely when alone and use the time to engage in a soul-craft like an art, cooking or other creative expression.

Tip! Next time you are alone without kids, create something without expectation. Paint something, write a piece of poetry without worrying about who will see it. Put your soul into it as much as you can and release yourself into this art-form. This is the best kind of self-healing and energy protection you can apply into your life.

3 - They create their own lives

Free spirits do not follow the main stream or try and fit into the social norms. They are intentional and create lives based on core-values rather than what society, friends and family think. They do not apologise for the way they live because they know who they are, they know what they want and they how to work with the universe to manifest their dreams for the greater good. They are co-creators - with their life partners and with the universe -and are always intentional with their words and actions.

Tip! Take a moment to see what is intended into your life - and what you have unconsciously let in. This is a great start to being more intentional with what comes in and what goes out of your life in the future.

Most of all, true free-spirits love being mothers because they realise that this seeming restriction of motherhood is in the mind and not a physicality.

They choose to do things differently. They choose spontaneity when life feels dull. They choose adventure when routine becomes suffocating. They constantly create choice in their life rather than fall victim to their situations.

Free-spirits may be career women who are conscious to their choices, or stay at home mothers who are intentional with their time - they may be older women who truly know themselves or youths with wise souls. They may be mothers who are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, bigender, transgender... because they are not defined by stereotypes, archetypes or other people's expectations.

Today, being a true free spirited mother is not a label - but a state of mind. And one that requires more resilience through adversity than ever before because now that we have so many privileges, we have more pressure to aspire to a certain standards.

And that's why I will be working on my own free-spirited nature - and not just my wardrobe, for years to come - until I am truly untethered from others’ ideals and can say everything in my life is intended by my own hand.

Join me on the journey!

Are you a free spirited mother? Were you one before motherhood? I would love to connect to your story below!

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