• Sez Kristiansen


The moon and I: risen and fallen innumerable times silver mirror of a thousand faces orb of oracles unspoken sphere to Sun's softness thinned out into a sliver and then full-bellied again birthing stars beading galaxies onto our lunar loom bathing in infinity only small when too far from home, holding a sacred piece of ourselves back, making men made with our mystery. our celestial bodies, mothering saltwater as if it were babe, earthing down our weight as if we were to suddenly d r i f t a w a y shaped by forces outside our own but holding it all together despite the darkness. the moon and I, same of soul, kindred keepers of stories untold.

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My Mother's Body

My mother’s body, a safe hold to me; a child who clung onto the soft pillows of my mother’s belly, her thick shoulders carrying generation’s worth of trauma... I could always find a cove of love withi

I Am Both

I am both, I am all the contradictions and paradoxes that form the shape of me. I am the heartache, the broken, the full and completenes. I am the ‘yes’ when asked whether I am healed or still healing

The Wisdom Of Our Emotions

It’s no wonder we feel the ache of separation from the web we were once weaved upon and through, the tribe that knitted the stray threads of our pain together with compassion and story. Our bodies, st