• Sez Kristiansen

Made Of Magick

How can you

see the magic

when all you see is

the mediocre,

the hurt,

the struggle?

But if pain is all you see,

then how can you

possibly see anything else?

Magic is not so much something you occasionally do behind closed doors, under hooded eyes, or in the quiet treasures of time you pocket for yourself - It's a way of living your life— a way of approaching the world you move through and the relationship you have with everything you come into contact with. True magick lies in the details, not only in the wonder of tiny heart, plant or habitat, but in everything within yourself, the multifaceted aspects of your being-ness, the Mirabella, honored by the bones of your creativity, the alchemy that exists in your willingness to be with what you are yet to know - and your understanding that what you do not know may be the greatest wisdom of all. It begins with you, dear soul with the magic that is not made from - but of you.

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