• Sez Kristiansen

Lost Souls, Find Your Heart

No, you don’t belong.

Because where you DO won’t ask you to change,

won’t ask you to fit in,

won’t ask you to make yourself smaller,

to be accepted.

That homesickness for a place that you’ve never been -

That longing to find peace in the presence of others -

That lingering loneliness humming in the distance -

is not telling you that you don’t belong here -

but is telling you you do belong somewhere else.


f a r

beyond the ordinary.

Follow the tan smoke signals, the smell of burning pine and damp earth.

Follow the peaty moss, the bent eaves, sun’s shadow, high crescent moon, water’s reflection -

until you meet Heart - the one who’s voice reverberates through your bones.

She will guide you to home’s hearthstone.

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