• Sez Kristiansen

Loneliness Is A Transmission

"Just as you wail


through the

chords of

your heart,

so can you

tighten these strings

to communicate

with others.

Sit with your ache

and give it sound,

grieve it, unbound

by the confinements

of shame.

Let loneliness sing itself

through the silence

until it becomes

a meeting place

for all other

homeless hearts.

Soon you will see

that the company

you seek

is seeking you;

an empty heart

sits by

an abandoned

radio wave

listening for your

signals of hope.

Let love

and its longings

connect you

to these

singing strings

being strummed

throughout the world...

for loneliness

is not at all silent,

but a deafening


being heard

by all of our hearts.

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