Inspired Mama,Q&A. The new book that empowers mothers to intentionally manifest their best life

Updated: Jan 31


1) What is the background to the book, Inspired Mama?


An interesting statistic appeared in my life this time last year.

It said 90% women who were about to celebrate their second child’s second birthday, were either living with the symptoms of depression, taking medication for anxiety, or taking time off work due to the symptoms of stress.

It said that this was a period in a woman’s life that was the most difficult she would ever have to face.

It seemed to me that the balancing act between personal desires, economic responsibility and being a mother peaks at this time of our life.

By the time we have our second child, however, most of us have achieved our goals of creating a family, finding a suitable career and becoming more stable in ourselves, so I wondered why this exact time in our lives was making us more prone to stress than any other.

The more I looked into this documented fact, the more I saw close friends and family submerging into the statistic, often giving up on their plong-held dreams, voiding their personal time of self-care, sacrificing their families for unfulfilling jobs, and most damaging of all, giving in to the social pressures of what others expect their lives to look like.

As I read this statistic, I realized the paradox between freedom and motherhood is practically unavoidable, and that if I did not address this enigma from a foundational level, it will chain me to a life I would be clinically sickened by.

So, I first quit my job and then asked the Universe for a sign (probably in the wrong order, but I prefer to do things illogically), and within a week I began to write this book and did not stop until it was completed, 5 months later.


2) What events in your life spurred you to write this book?


I have spent my entire life travelling with freedom and wanderlust as companions, so when I became a mother I also felt this paradox very deeply. Not only because I needed to dig down toward some roots for the first time, but because there was a sudden expectation from the outside world on how I should raise my children, what values they should have, how many hours of work I had to sacrifice them for, how many of my own dreams I should give up on because “it’s just what you do when you become a parent”…

It was only when I learned to stop validating my life through these external pressures that I turned inwards and discovered the type of freedom one can never lose and awakened to the power of conscious, intentional living.

And so, with my years of wanderlust travel, followed by the paradox of motherhood and then a personal journey to inner freedom, I read this statistic last year and decided to beat it before my second child’s second birthday, at the end of 2018.


3) What is "Inspired Mama" about?


Inspired Mama is a self-empowerment guide to finding ultimate freedom through conscious, intentional living.

It draws on my past as a free-spirited traveller, and then my 7 years as a mother of 2 children, as well as settling down in my foreign husband’s home country.

It comes from a daily journal I kept on my mind, body and soul through personal self-discovery over the last 10 years.

It includes documented, scientific, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual research, and has been compiled into one extensive, practical guide for women wanting to intentionally manifest the best version of their life. This is a life that aligns with their own unique, individual dreams and desires - but also one that is deeply symbiotic with the femininity of motherhood – something that is often unsupported in modern, masculine, metaphysical books.

The chapters are sectioned into different types of freedom; including, Freedom of mind/body/spirit, Freedom of Habit, Freedom of Job, Freedom from expectation, Freedom of choice, Financial Freedom, Freedom of Minimalism, Freedom of travel & adventure.

This is a book of ultimate liberation aimed at women who are at a time in their lives where they are most vulnerable to living according to others’ expectations and yet have the most influence on what kind of freedom the next generations will have.

The statistic is not to be feared, but a sign of a collective consciousness that is in desperate need of dismantling.

To discover yourself / to consciously create yourself and your life according to an inspired future rather than a habitual past / to align the realy you with the infinite abundance of the Universe / to live by one's own, unique, energetic, blueprint / and to intentionally manifest a 'uniquely yours' life - that is Inspired Mama's ultimate message and mission.

I celebrated my second child’s second birthday last month, the same month this book was released. It was synchronicity of a spiritual nature, and one I am most, truly fulfilled by.

As my sisters, old colleagues, friends and women around me wait to see how my bold and rebellious act of choosing my own life turns out, I present the world my contribution to the paradigm shift on the subject of motherhood and freedom, Inspired Mama.


4) What are the similarities between your poetry books and this non-fiction book?


Both are essentially about freedom and healing. It is the journey every one of us is on. Returning to wholeness by learning to live our own life; not the one decided by the past, decided by others, reliant on habit, demanded by society, suggested by our partners, assumed by our children, defined by our jobs... a life we decide, that fulfils us deeply and contributes to the healing of the others.

Everything I write is about the journey I am on myself.

It is through questioning how I would help someone else who has this same problem that I help myself. We are all self-healers and sometimes we need a conduit who can help us form the words we wish to say - or express the pain we wish to heal - or inspire the changes we wish to make - we all need someone or something that can wake us up to the powers we already hold within because we have spent too long learning self-doubt and unworthiness from a one-size-fits-all culture.

That is my work and what I will continue to support others in; to find their own soul's expression.


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