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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Here is a go-to section of inspired actions that create the foundations of inner freedom. As a mother, life can get busy - so use this guide as a quick reminder of some actions that bring you back into alignment.

Journaling: Free the pen

· Journaling is an exceptional method of reflection.

· Treat journaling as an experiment rather than a duty.

· Your journal is a record of the unconscious inner workings that have controlled your life. It’s time to let in the light and give that control back to the authentic “you.”

Detachment: Free the chains

· Detachment is the practice of releasing things that create draining, negative energy.

· Decide whether challenging situations deserve a response.

· Remind yourself that others’ reactions reflect their inner worlds and are not true statements about you.

· When you find yourself being pulled into a vortex of negative emotions, try to see them objectively, not as something happening to you.

Meditation: Free the anchor

· Meditation is the practice of quieting your mind with attention in the present moment.

· Create a space that is yours to encourage a positive psychological response.

· Access your intuition through regular meditation and connect to an undisturbed well of knowledge through this place of calm.

Reconditioning: Free the habit

· Our lives are based on our emotions and belief system. This is made up of all the conditionings we have all been exposed to in early life. People, environment, experiences, and habits have reinforced their strength of our beliefs.

· Reconditioning is a gentle and consistent way of changing even the most negative habits. It starts by replacing a damaging habit with a more nourishing one.

· When you start noticing negative habits that sap your energy, write them down. Look at the relationship you have with this habit, why it has been formed and what it might be covering up. Do you notice a need to escape your life are there any unresolved issues that trigger your habit?

· Every time you notice a negative pattern emerging again, detach yourself from their control and remind yourself you are fully responsible and capable of changing that which does not serve you. You do not have to commit to any habit, energy, or command that does not result in love, openness, and empowerment.

· Use a trigger that usually affects you to remind yourself to take a different action than the one you are reliant on. Slowly change your triggers to neutral ones, if not a positive one.

· Start redefining yourself by a future you want to experience and not a past you have been habitually conditioned to define yourself from. This means practicing visualization using a mood board, which is discussed later in this chapter and in Part Two.

· It is a fact that your conditions do not make up who really you are, and if you need more freedom in your life, you need to start creating incremental habits that are different to the ones you live in now. This opens you up to an infinite amount of possibilities in life and you will be able to consciously choose the best version of life to manifest into reality.

Mindfulness: Free the past and future

· Mindfulness is the act of bringing your consciousness to your present activity. Unlike its name intends, being mindful means to be out of your mind’s thoughts and into your sensory perceptions; feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting everything the moment has to offer.

· Remember that joy resides in the now and that this moment is all that exists in your life. When you simplify this existential factor, you may be able to see that all of your life has been a series of “nows” and this creates the life you are presently living in. If you want to create change in life, now is always the right time to do it because no other concept of time exists.

· When you experience fear and doubt you are living in the future when you experience regret or depression you are living in the past. Whenever you experience these emotions try to figure out why and whether it requires action. If 80% of our days are lived outside the present moment, we are essentially only giving 20% of our efforts into consciously creating our lives.

· Mindfulness is beautifully practiced through our interaction with our children and spouses. Deeply listening and responding to their questions with awareness of their needs is a great way to deepen bonds, actively participate in their worlds and live a life without regretting “not being there.”

Compassion and gratitude: Free the judgment

· Compassion is the ability to deeply look into someone else’s life and feel their pain. Although mothers have a high connection to this emotion, our lives can become so busy that our worlds turn around our own minuscule radius.

· Take a moment each day to reach out to someone that may need help. Whether it is in the form of a smile, a helping hand, an opening of a door—the selflessness that comes from turning your view outwards will raise your vibration and resonate deeply with your higher self. Acting in accordance with the highest version of yourself is the path to freedom and empowers you to make the right decisions.

· We want to practice compassion without return to truly tap into freedom, so try to detach yourself from the reward. When you find yourself wondering how to help others when you have so much going on in your own life, remember that when you practice true compassion, the universe will always respond with likeness. It's like threading another bead onto the chord of our humanity—connecting and strengthening our oneness.

· Gratitude is the practice of recognizing elements in our life that we are truly happy for. When we are aware of the small details in the tapestry of our life, the greater the vibrancy of our existence.

· When we come from a place of “lacking” and continue to see our lives as unfulfilling, then we are perpetuating a cycle that will forever see the absentees over attendees.

· Every day, write down five things you are grateful for. This can be incorporated into bedtime routines with children and provides valuable insight into your child’s perception of the world.

· Remember—the more you are grateful for the life you already have, the more your life will pivot toward more experiences that respond in gratitude.

· Perspective is a way of allowing yourself distance. Remember the story of the pyramids and how a little perspective is sometimes all we need in order to reach the horizon.

Physical: Free the body

· To create a physical habit that energizes your mind and body, keep it simple. Some may find yoga the right practice for them, others may find incorporating adventure, dance, or play into physical activities better suited to their personalities.

· Treat your relationship with exercise with an open mind, one that allows you to see how you deal with the rest of your life, and ask yourself if that is how you want to define yourself.

· The moment exercise becomes seen as a duty, a task, rigid and inflexible the less likely you will stick to it, so make it sociable and fun, or feed off the psychological rewards for motivation.

· Start incrementally with simple steps such as putting on your trainers and then walking down to the bottom of your road. If you continue, then great! If not, don’t worry about it and do it again tomorrow. Do this for 21 days to create a lifelong habit.

· The body is a mind’s playground. Treat it that way. It’s an experimental process to get more movement into our days because there are so many other things seeking our prioritization. Use your body as an outlet to your mind and challenge your problems with it.

· Remember to listen to your body. It is the vessel you have this lifetime to carry you, to protect you, to nourish you. It’s your sacred responsibility to show it daily attention, love, and gratitude for all it has provided you with. When you cannot see the good in it, remind yourself of the life you have nurtured within, the double heartbeat that grew from one, and the little soul that flourished from its primordial knowledge.

· Your body is a gift that responds in accordance to your mind. Be aware that this reflection is a beautiful thing and if you seek to change, do it from within first.

· When you find yourself disliking your reflection, don’t try and change the mirror, try change how you see yourself.

Nature: Free the wild

· Inner freedom can be discovered through spending time in natural environments. Our smallness and place in the world are experienced when we connect with nature, its wildness, and its changing seasons.

· Grounding yourself in nature is one of the best ways to reconnect to the bigger picture. Spend time with bare feet, bare hands, and exposing skin to the elements.

· Rewild yourself with incremental excursions into nature. Acknowledge the numerous, documented benefits of spending time in nature and remind yourself that even a short walk outdoors, spent mindfully will have a dramatic effect on your mind-set.

· Discover more about the world of natural therapy and how it can alleviate many emotional symptoms of depression, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances.

Humor: Free the weight

· Life as a mother has many moments that remind us that life should not be taken too seriously. From the struggle of keeping up our ego in embarrassing moments to the endearing actions and words that come out of our children, we can learn to step back, see the moment as it is and lighten the seriousness we tend to place on everything.

· Detachment is a companion to humor as it takes a conscious moment to step back and look from an outsider's point of view of a situation. Once you start practicing small amounts of this combination you will notice a lightening of moods.

· See the mortality of life through a humoristic perspective. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and are on this planet for but a second in time. Give yourself a moment every day to remember the meaning you give to life and laugh at how you sometimes get caught up in it all.

Community: Free the loneliness

· Being a part of a like-minded community is an encouraging way of keeping up with your practices and further developing your knowledge.

· Join groups that play on a wide variety of your interests and not just the one-sided view of life.

· Remind yourself that everyone has something to teach you even those who you don’t have anything in common with. These are especially great conversations and interactions as they develop your mind to create more space for compassion and tolerance, seeing a different point of view or reaffirming your own beliefs.

· Practice compassion whenever you feel like you are being judged, or when you fear rejection. No one finds the art of making friends easy and it takes patience to let a tribe grow organically. Know that even the most extrovert of people can have had deeply isolating experiences.

Mind-set: Free the foundations

· Our attitudes toward the day are set the moment we wake, so be mindful of the way you wake up.

· Wake 30 minutes before the household wakes and spend this time as you would in another life. Reading books, indulging in your passions, creating ideas, sipping coffee mindfully—see this time as an extension to your life, allowing valuable practices to be focused on in peace.

· Place inspiring objects or books by your bedside. Keep them non-electric devices. Tune into what you need most in the morning to ensure a positive outlook. This will be the tone of your day and vital to help with personal growth.

· A good start to the day begins with a good night’s sleep. Prioritize this first and it will create a domino effect to the rest of your week, ensuring positive, high-vibe energy every day.

Intuition: Free the guidance

· Your inner compass is our most reliable way of navigating your life toward the best outcome. Intuition’s sole priority is to guide you to your best life.

· Intuitive responses are not rationalized with the head but felt with the heart. Tune into your heartbeat by thinking of all the emotions you feel toward someone you love and ask a question that requires direction. Note in your journal any illogical inner responses to reflect on later.

· Intuition is always felt in the present. With the practice of mindfulness, you are able to open a gateway into communicating with your intuition.

· Document your dreams and practice free-writing to discover the hidden messages of your subconscious.

· An intuitive decision will always create the best outcome. Look at your life and see how the major, positive peaks were created by opportunities or choices that were taken by listening to that inner pull.

I hope this resonates with you and your journey through motherhood. Feel free to share with others who might be in need of a little lightness in their life or comment below to share your thoughts or own tips.

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