• Sez Kristiansen

Finding Your Voice

Care for your voice,

for it speaks

of your truth,

defends your wisdom

and understands the

language of Heart.

Uncage it by knowing what keeps it silent. Send it down the mines that lay before you, those damp, dark places where you would otherwise perish under conditions of quietness. Let it speak of your worth, and give sound to your soul. Let it leave its place of shyness buried deep in the deafening belly, set it free to fly over the mast and forge refuge ahead; for your words will precede all acts and manifest all dreams and become the change all others repeat. Convince yourself of them first, before you offer their weight to others. Sharpen your voice daily, on knife’s tip of ‘no' but soften it too with quiet prayer and whispers of grace. Let your voice cut the wire, split the bark, crack the glass that keeps you silent, and in fear of becoming an inconvenience. In fact, allow your voice to be of such inconvenience to others, that it begins to be the most available value you can offer to yourself.

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