Are you in living in Liminal Space? How to heal emotional-limbo through the art of ritual

What you might consider a period of stress, uncertainty & fear might in fact be a space of liminality.

Liminal originates from the Latin word “limen” which means “a threshold”. In anthropology, liminality is “the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete. During a ritual’s liminal stage, participants ‘stand at the threshold’ between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which the ritual establishes.” (Wikipedia)

In other words, when change occurs in your life - you may not quite have reached the period where that change is settled and normalised - so you are left in this uncertain, grey area that feels emotionally uncomfortable and can even be deeply traumatic.

I can identify with liminality as I navigate through my own journey from who I used to be before motherhood and who I am now. I can resonate with its uncertainty through who I used to be in my career as a fashion designer - and what I do now as an author. I can relate to it as a woman who has lived everywhere and who is now in one place. In fact, at times it feels like my life is in one big transition from what it was - to what it is still in the process of becoming.

Liminality is the space between one thing and another - like when a trapeze artist lets go of one swing and doesn’t yet know whether they will catch the other swing. 

In our tribal past we would have rituals for these changes and rites of passage. Specific initiations would guide us into a new state being and would follow a three-part structure: separation; liminal period; and re-assimilation. A person grieving can be considered going through this pattern - so can a woman becoming a mother, or child becoming an adolescent. But it can also be seen in stages of spirituality and awakening consciousness.

As anyone who has gone through the introspective process of awakening knows - taking full responsibility for every element of your own life can be an incredibly messy, disorientating and sometimes fearful initiation.

There is, however, an incredible realm of possibility when you are in this space of liminality - whether you are going through a life-change, in the process of letting go of old conditions and habits or changing who you want to be in the future - there is this emotional-limbo period that asks us to trust, surrender and create a ritual of intention so we may consciously pass through this in-between area as lightly as possible.

It’s only when we are unconscious to our liminality that we suffer most - and stay suspended in this 'in-between' phase for longer than necessary.

In liminality, the past comes into play only briefly so we can review our losses - but it is the future and the promise of transformation that what we must focus on - and what I find so deeply heartening about liminality. This is why I choose rituals of intention to get me through times of change, uncertainty and fear - and also why I try to learn through love at every stage of this uncomfortable adjustment period so that I come through with a little self-love still in tact.


Using your intuitive guidance to help you through Liminal Space, you can perform a meditative ceremony that will helps you trust, surrender and intend yourself out of one phase - and into another.

Read this meditation and then practice it from memory (or what you can remember of it). If you can do this outside in nature, it will enhance the experience - but you can practice this in an apartment too.

Create a conducive environment for yourself to feel comfortable, centred and connected. Candles, incense, a hot drink, soft music, cushions and a yoga mat may help, but it's what resonates with you and what makes you feel most grounded within yourself.

Read the following meditation first before you practice it:

Lie down on the ground comfortably and arrive into your body by feeling the breathe entering and exiting your lungs, softly, naturally.

Take a deep inhale - hold for 3 seconds - and release. Repeat 3 times.

Feel the points of your body that touch the ground, what pushes heavier into the floor and what lies lightly. Scan your body from toes up to your head and feel each part of your body being supported by the ground.

Feel the ground you are lying on pushing your body up as your weight pushes down.

This is the earth's way of supporting you, your life and your journey through different stages.

Rest deeper into the earth by fully surrendering your body to it - trust that your body is being held by the earth.

This trust that says there is no hole that will suddenly swallow you up is the same trust that can be used to get you through this period of uncertainty.

Use the same surrender of your body into the earth's pull as you will surrender to what you are yet to know.

Use the same intention you have right now to be still , connected and feel your body as you will also feel your way through your own life - and come back to your stillness when you need comfort, support and guidance.

Just let your body be. Grounded. Supported. Trusting and Intentional.

Breathe naturally and with ease for a few minutes.

End the meditation by acknowledging how ‘dense‘ you feel as you stand up and 'begin to resist' the earth again - Know that your soles are still points that connect you to your healing and earthly support.

Come back to this meditation every time you feel 'in-between' or disconnected from life.

If you feel like you are in some kind of transition, and floating in the Liminal Space, trust that answers will come, that you are in a place of possibility and that the universe (or God, source energy, your higher self) has the power of Divine timing. Even when you feel like control is what makes you most comfortable - it is in fact your surrender to these challenging times that allows you to be reborn into the greatest version of your life.

Are you in this space right now? How do you hold space for yourself - and how would you recommend others to find clarity and comfort? Comment below!

I would highly recommend Sarah Blondin's on Insight Timer for further meditational practices. You can also listen to her podcast, Live Awake here: SARAH BLONDIN'S PODCAST

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