Sez is an internationally acclaimed poetess and author, born in Southern Africa under two generations from six different cultures. She has travelled extensively throughout her life, and lived in some of the remotest parts of the world, including many years spent in Sri Lanka deepening her spiritual practice.


After two children, Sez settled into a more conventional life and became a designer for some of the biggest fashion brands in Europe. After years of struggling with anxiety and chronic depression due to the societal pressures of being a mother and a working full-time in the fashion industry, Sez redesigned and downsized her entire life to fit the freedom and wanderlust she once resonated so deeply with.


Sez now lives in a hand-built cabin in the Nordics with her Viking husband and children and continues to travel adventurously throughout the world with her young family.


Sez empowers people with transformational mind, body and soul guides that inspire her readers & listeners to live truly unique, Heart-centred and untethered lives, driven by their own blueprint of freedom. Sez will awaken you to your own free-spirited nature, which has the power to guide you to your own truly authentic, abundant and deeply nourishing life.


M I S S I O N 

Although I spent most of my life travelling, I never found true freedom until I learned how to be still through meditation.


I have lived in many different countries and cultures, belonging to none but resonating with pieces of them all. Perhaps I am a cultural-totem-poll and an example of how highly mobile childhoods create freedom-seeking adults.


I believe the concept of "home" is changing too, and we are in more need than ever of finding our unconditional place of belonging - within ourselves.

This is what I have found through 12 years of spiritual practice and what I want to share with others who feel un-healed, de-cultured, un-homed, unloved, de-tribed, distracted, disconnected & over-conditioned to believe that they need anything other than themselves to be truly free.

Join me on this beautiful journey of discovery.


and you are


O N  L I F E 





Alignment is the ultimate act of self-healing. When we are truly aligned with who we are, whom we want to be, and connect to our heart-centre as a daily practice - we come into our own self-empowering state of being. I believe we cannot look to the past to heal - nor burn our eyes in the bright lights of the future - but live deeply rooted and intentional with our present moment.

Introspection and self-reflection are tools for liberation. Our egos dominate our minds and shackle us to unconscious habits that keep us tied to false perceptions and limiting beliefs. We live our lives through a mist of ideals and external validations - but when we know ourselves, profoundly - we know where our true belonging lies in this world. 

Nurturing one's self is the art of regularly tending to the passions in your life. These are acts of subliminal bliss that envelope you in the moment. The creation of something, the recreation of something else. We live in a constant flux of dust and storms that clog up our minds with distraction  - making it difficult to tend to our own needs, but without the enkindling of our passions, we cremate ourselves in our boredom.

Roots & Wings. That is key to balance life, When we stick to an in-between life, without making confident decisions or expanding beyond our fears, we sink into a state of 'settling' with what is. Our highest purpose in life is to reach beyond our own perceived limits, tell ourself a different story and gain insight as to who we really are. This is achieved through wanderlust and travel to me.


Listen to Sez on the GIRLSKILL podcast break the chains of motherhood and redefine feminism.



Sez' interview on Tayo Rockson's "As told by Nomads" podcast is raw, unfiltered and inspiring to all those seeking belonging. 

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Sez contributes to the online magazine that supports nomadic lifestyles. Read her latest contributions now.

Email: hello@sezkristiansen.com

Created with love in Denmark.

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